Canadian prison slang for a big fight or a riot.
"Yo man get your shit together it's a Bingo"
by Jimmyjoe February 28, 2005
used when someone is calling you
Albert: HEY ! Nisha!!
Nisha: Bingo?
by Vamptress July 22, 2003
What Brandon's parents do every weekend. Also, a vague referance for sexual acts on a huge scale.
You're going to BINGO?!
by Volkie April 27, 2003
1. The reason guys never find any cute girls at the nightclub.
2. The reason girls never find any cute guys at the nightclub.
3. The reason gays never find any other gays at the nightclub.
4. The reason lesbians never find any other lesbians at the nightclub.
5. The boring game that EVERYONE seems to play, consisting of a card with several numbers on. Each player listens out for the numbers. When one is spoken, they frantically search their card for it. If it is there, they place a counter on that number. If it isn't, they don't place anything. When someone's card is full, they shout BINGO! and give the card to be checked. If they are correct, they win a prize (usu. money). If they are incorrect, they set the card how it should be and send the unlucky guy/girl back.
Girl: You going to bingo tonight?
Guy: Na. I'm going to the ni...
Guy: Oh crud.
by SpamGamma April 16, 2010
What a Disturbed person shouts out all day long at a computer that has an automatic feed into it. Used in trading rooms
These f**king bingo's are wrecking my head.

These bingo's are all over this Marché
by Marche Man August 28, 2009
a word used after masturbating.
don't worry about me i just played bingo
by crimsonchin89 May 17, 2009
A game in which is made for long car rides or a simple excuse to tag your friends. The only objective of the game is to spot a yellow car and punch a victim in the arm.

Some rules might differ such as
no yellow cars from car lots and sometimes in bigger cities only moving ones count some only allow one person per car to hit.

This game has also been called Banana or plinko.
( group of friends driving down the interstate )

Driver: -hits passenger- "BINGO!"
Passenger: -looks around for yellow car- "shit.."
by Rebelliouscc May 04, 2009

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