to be very low on or completely out of something you need
I can't go to the strip club tonight because I'm bingo on cash.
by Zen January 01, 2007
Noun given to the female who has accomplished the task of fucking 5 guys in one fraternity house.
Don't fuck that girl, she already has bingo!
by thmk56 November 12, 2006
bills, money, or dough. Usually spoken in casually conversation.
Hey yo Trals, you makin those big bingos tonight?
by tralalia December 11, 2010
noun: a slang word referring to a bong.
"yo hurry up wit the bingo, you ain't the only one wit trees to burn"
by smokedareef April 28, 2006
Canadian prison slang for a big fight or a riot.
"Yo man get your shit together it's a Bingo"
by Jimmyjoe February 28, 2005
What a Disturbed person shouts out all day long at a computer that has an automatic feed into it. Used in trading rooms
These f**king bingo's are wrecking my head.

These bingo's are all over this Marché
by Marche Man August 28, 2009
Emptying ones entire tray of tiles in Scrabble.
Hah! I just got "Zyzzyva" for 116 points!
by Blarg Bilowsky July 14, 2005

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