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Norwegian for 'man overboard.'
When you're on a boat and someone yells 'BINGO,' you had better alert the authorities.
by Jess the P1rate July 03, 2006
1. The reason guys never find any cute girls at the nightclub.
2. The reason girls never find any cute guys at the nightclub.
3. The reason gays never find any other gays at the nightclub.
4. The reason lesbians never find any other lesbians at the nightclub.
5. The boring game that EVERYONE seems to play, consisting of a card with several numbers on. Each player listens out for the numbers. When one is spoken, they frantically search their card for it. If it is there, they place a counter on that number. If it isn't, they don't place anything. When someone's card is full, they shout BINGO! and give the card to be checked. If they are correct, they win a prize (usu. money). If they are incorrect, they set the card how it should be and send the unlucky guy/girl back.
Girl: You going to bingo tonight?
Guy: Na. I'm going to the ni...
Guy: Oh crud.
by SpamGamma April 16, 2010
What a Disturbed person shouts out all day long at a computer that has an automatic feed into it. Used in trading rooms
These f**king bingo's are wrecking my head.

These bingo's are all over this Marché
by Marche Man August 28, 2009
A citizen of Bangla Desh.
Ali: Where's your friend from?
Shaz: He's a Bingo.
by Azhar Usmani March 22, 2008
A delicious adult beverage otherwise referred to commonly as a Red Bull and Vodka. (A double would be a "bingo bingo")
"Gonzo quit throwing chips around like you own the place and order us a round of bingo's at the bar!"
by Nick Theule November 14, 2007
An urban term used throughout Australia to describe an ecstasy pill. It originated in Perth and was made notorious by a large community of druggies starting in 2003. It was meant to replace the words such as pills, ecstasy tablets, poppers, and flippers, all of which mean the same thing, but have a negative connotation. Basically, anyone using the term Bingo was considered elite. As such, today it is used liberally by many party-goers in Oz, although the appeal of the word "bingo" was based around the fact that not many people knew what it meant and that it required explanation. It also helped justify the use of the drug since it was suddenly "hip" to explain the exclusive bingo talk.

Explaining the word bingo always brought a smile to the face of the noob who did not know what it meant. It did have a 100% conversion rate - once you hear bingo, you never call the drug anything else.

It was also common to call your elite buddies by their "bingo" names. A bingo name is basically the word bingo, followed by a single word describing the person. For example:
anti-bingo: someone who does not approve of the drug use
bingo man: when you need bingo, he's your man
bingo party: someone who is hooked to bingo and good times
bingo barbie: a pretty druggie
bingo wiseman: someone who knows everything about the bingo experience
bingo veteran: someone who has been taking bingo for 10 years+
bingo milkybar: a cute person who drinks milo by day, and has a bingo every 6 months or so
bingo machine: a bingo dispensing machine


you get the picture
Q: Yo man you got any bingos?

Q: Hey, can I buy you a drink?
A: No thanks, I am having bingo tonight...
Q: What's that?

I am so bingo'd!

I feel bingo deluxe!

Q: Hey, are you having bingos tonight?
A: Pfft! Am I having bingos... I am the bingo KING...
Q: What about him? (points at the dude dancing like an idiot on the stage) Isn't that your friend?
A: Yeh, thats bingo Gay.

Q: Is your gf having bingos with you tonight...
A: No dude, dont you know she is bingo Kryptonite!

Q: Thats funny... you call them "bingos"?
A: Yes man, its the bingo culture.
by B.K. (aka Bingo King) August 14, 2007
n. A derogatory term for the elderly, coming from their predilection towards playing the game Bingo.
"I can't get around this freakin' bingo and her walker!"
by Joseph Green June 15, 2007