A phrase used to point out a hot girl with out her knowing.
Hey Chris we got a bingo at 12 o'clock.
by Brandon N. April 10, 2007
noun: a slang word referring to a bong.
"yo hurry up wit the bingo, you ain't the only one wit trees to burn"
by smokedareef April 28, 2006
Emptying ones entire tray of tiles in Scrabble.
Hah! I just got "Zyzzyva" for 116 points!
by Blarg Bilowsky July 14, 2005
Canadian prison slang for a big fight or a riot.
"Yo man get your shit together it's a Bingo"
by Jimmyjoe February 28, 2005
used when someone is calling you
Albert: HEY ! Nisha!!
Nisha: Bingo?
by Vamptress July 22, 2003
What Brandon's parents do every weekend. Also, a vague referance for sexual acts on a huge scale.
You're going to BINGO?!
by Volkie April 27, 2003
What a Disturbed person shouts out all day long at a computer that has an automatic feed into it. Used in trading rooms
These f**king bingo's are wrecking my head.

These bingo's are all over this Marché
by Marche Man August 28, 2009

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