Delicious strip of cooked pork that will leave your mouth wanting more and more and more to the point where you just want to eat bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Omg Barbra this bacon is so fucking good.
by v3Monsta August 06, 2014
slang for Penis
written by James Jobe, Eli Joyner, and Ashley Bishop.
She ate my bacon.
I had to use more bacon grease.
by jwrj53 January 14, 2013
A vagina, usually possessed by a female named Alina that takes the appearance of bacon.
Guy #1: Look at these screenshots I got of Alina on webcam, her vagina looks like bacon.

Guy #2: That's spacon, not bacon.
by Abyss4508 April 08, 2012
v. The act of a guy hitting a girl.
"I'm going to bacon you if you don't shut up!"
"Wow... Who baconed you like that?"
by Lolliars August 19, 2011
This form of "bacon" is used to describe a person that is abnormally large, or someone that looks like they have eaten a little bit too much bacon.
That guy's gut jiggles every time he steps and he looks like he has four chins. He is totally a bacon.
by the ultimate ninja stalker February 16, 2011
God's gift to man. Good for anytime of the day. Easily able to cure any case of vegetarianism.
ONE: "You member how Jenny was a vegetarian?"
TWO: "Yeah, why?"
ONE: "Well, she told me bacon was the best thing she had ever eaten in her life."
by Saxima December 07, 2010
BACON!!!= sex in a skillet
Kara guess what...BACON!!! lol
by K.R.T + A.G.H = BFF's October 26, 2011

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