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This form of "bacon" is used to describe a person that is abnormally large, or someone that looks like they have eaten a little bit too much bacon.
That guy's gut jiggles every time he steps and he looks like he has four chins. He is totally a bacon.
by the ultimate ninja stalker February 16, 2011
1 3
God's gift to man. Good for anytime of the day. Easily able to cure any case of vegetarianism.
ONE: "You member how Jenny was a vegetarian?"
TWO: "Yeah, why?"
ONE: "Well, she told me bacon was the best thing she had ever eaten in her life."
by Saxima December 07, 2010
3 5
possibly the most overrated food on this planet
it's bacon, calm the fuck down
by hiphophead293847 November 25, 2009
27 29
if you have just looked up bacon, shame on you.
by rosiegreenx July 14, 2012
0 3
BACON!!!= sex in a skillet
Kara guess what...BACON!!! lol
by K.R.T + A.G.H = BFF's October 26, 2011
1 4
Bacon: Adjective that says something is totally awesome,good,great.
Wow! That movie was totally bacon!

That bacon is bacon man.
by Mr.Potts May 23, 2010
3 6
if you don't know what it is, you must live under a rock and have no knowledge of delicious foods and you are an insult to the human race.
Phoebe: I love bacon!
Kasi: What is bacon?
Every person in room: *stabs Kasi*
by NinjaGirlAwesome April 26, 2010
3 6