Beating All Competition Obliterating Naysayers
I'm going B.A.C.O.N. at my muay Thai class Bacon they might call the police
by dwreckkboxer September 29, 2011
v. The act of a guy hitting a girl.
"I'm going to bacon you if you don't shut up!"
"Wow... Who baconed you like that?"
by Lolliars August 19, 2011
This form of "bacon" is used to describe a person that is abnormally large, or someone that looks like they have eaten a little bit too much bacon.
That guy's gut jiggles every time he steps and he looks like he has four chins. He is totally a bacon.
by the ultimate ninja stalker February 16, 2011
pig fat. plain and simple, pig fat smothered in grease.
Dude, your kitchen smells like bacon.

My redneck neighbor was just cooking breakfast...
by Uberface January 10, 2011
God's gift to man. Good for anytime of the day. Easily able to cure any case of vegetarianism.
ONE: "You member how Jenny was a vegetarian?"
TWO: "Yeah, why?"
ONE: "Well, she told me bacon was the best thing she had ever eaten in her life."
by Saxima December 07, 2010
1. A delicious meat product

2. A raging whore who cheats on your best friend but then gains 50lbs over the summer and becomes really unattractive.
1. Oh my god look at all this bacon!

2. Maegan is such a bacon. I'd punch her but I'd be sucked right in.
by Alli-Bam August 29, 2010
Something that sounds really good to eat.

An object normally not edible, that would taste good if it could be eaten.
Steve: 'Hey, you want to grab some Taco Bell?'
Louis: 'Sounds bacon to me.'

John: 'Damn dude, did you see that sweet Porsche back there? That was pretty damn bacon.'
Bill: 'I know, I'd love to have one of those.'
by onethousandshards August 27, 2009
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