Meaty strips of porky goodness which take far to long to prepare compared to how much of it you get, but daaaaamn, it's worth it.
For health reasons, I tried to cut back on bacon by living without it for one month.
I was not a happy camper that month.
by Bowes November 26, 2005
A Police Officer who is giving you a hard time, or being a "dick".
That bacon was all over my ass, i didnt do shit.
by The Los October 07, 2004
a dead pig ( cop)
Jake greased those two pigs to bacon cuz the stole his cheedah.
by jake groen March 22, 2004
if you have just looked up bacon, shame on you.
by rosiegreenx July 14, 2012
The labia of the vagina.

Inner or outer and ranging in appearance from tiny and tidy, through streaky, to full medallions and at the extreme - pieces which someone has attempted to chew, choked on and had to be Heimliched and kept in hospital overnight as a precaution.
I was reading the Victoria's Secret catalogue trying to pick my favourite model, one of them was far more beautiful than the rest but you could tell she had excessive bacon and it made the process so much more taxing.
by Mr. Cardboard July 04, 2012
BACON!!!= sex in a skillet
Kara guess what...BACON!!! lol
by K.R.T + A.G.H = BFF's October 26, 2011
Bad Ass Cracker On Nitrous.
I'm about to watch that B.A.C.O.N. goin' down the track.

I'm about to go B.A.C.O.N. on this test!
by KarmaStylez March 11, 2011

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