cops, johnny law, po-po, and many other nick names
look at that bacon over there camping in the dark corner waiting for speeders, he's just as bad as those fags on COD:MW2
by wild man 0023 August 01, 2010
a slang term used for fellatio. no one is really sure where it came from, but it sounds alright, so people use it.

because of its obscurity, it is easy to use in public places, like subways and cafeterias, without sounding vulgar.
1.How about some bacon?

2.Damn, that girl gives good bacon.
by grrbabylove December 07, 2008
"Bitch Acting Crazy Over Nothing."
Don't listen to her, she's just a BACON.
by jhonen202 July 10, 2008
- unwanted email that is not quite spam
- email you signed up for but don't really want
- email you want to receive but don't want in your inbox
When signing up for a free account on that web site they send you an activation email along with seven other "welcome" messages. Those seven messages are bacon.
by David Marcucci August 24, 2007
English/UK Prison rhyming slang - "Bacon bonce" - Nonce
"That fellah's a right Bacon" (that gentleman is a bit of a pedo)
by Mark May 31, 2004
1: (proper)Food product derived from swine.
2: (slang) Currency.
1: Yo, Marla, can I get me some bacon wi' dese pancakes?
2: Man, I need some bacon, I'm-a hit the machines like a demolition derby.
by massakist April 27, 2004
a police man or squad car (meat waGON)
by bennett January 20, 2003
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