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"Bitch Acting Crazy Over Nothing."
Don't listen to her, she's just a BACON.
by jhonen202 July 10, 2008
31 31
- unwanted email that is not quite spam
- email you signed up for but don't really want
- email you want to receive but don't want in your inbox
When signing up for a free account on that web site they send you an activation email along with seven other "welcome" messages. Those seven messages are bacon.
by David Marcucci August 24, 2007
40 40
1: (proper)Food product derived from swine.
2: (slang) Currency.
1: Yo, Marla, can I get me some bacon wi' dese pancakes?
2: Man, I need some bacon, I'm-a hit the machines like a demolition derby.
by massakist April 27, 2004
17 17
Pig meat (or turkey) sizzled to perfection, if u are hungry, its the ONLY thing on your mind. Like the t-shirt ad says; either you loke bacon or you're wrong!

The saltyness and the crispyness of da bacon makes it THE food of the well, um....... FOREVER!!!!!

Thank you God for giving thy bacon unto us!
by john jacob jinglehiemer schmit March 23, 2012
1 2
The absolute greatest substance known to mankind or any other civilization. Bacon can be used to solve any problem big or small. World hunger/your hunger, world peace, AIDS, SIDS, etc. However if you are a douchebag, asshole, dipshit, psychobitch, or any other kind of despicable human being eating bacon won't solve that, but you'll still get a delicious treat.
Leader of a Country #1: What are we gonna do about all these starving people?
Leader of a Country #2: Let them eat bacon.
by rumpunchtweaker45 July 20, 2011
1 2
pig fat. plain and simple, pig fat smothered in grease.
Dude, your kitchen smells like bacon.

My redneck neighbor was just cooking breakfast...
by Uberface January 10, 2011
4 5
1. A delicious meat product

2. A raging whore who cheats on your best friend but then gains 50lbs over the summer and becomes really unattractive.
1. Oh my god look at all this bacon!

2. Maegan is such a bacon. I'd punch her but I'd be sucked right in.
by Alli-Bam August 29, 2010
3 4