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cops, johnny law, po-po, and many other nick names
look at that bacon over there camping in the dark corner waiting for speeders, he's just as bad as those fags on COD:MW2
by wild man 0023 August 01, 2010
Something that sounds really good to eat.

An object normally not edible, that would taste good if it could be eaten.
Steve: 'Hey, you want to grab some Taco Bell?'
Louis: 'Sounds bacon to me.'

John: 'Damn dude, did you see that sweet Porsche back there? That was pretty damn bacon.'
Bill: 'I know, I'd love to have one of those.'
by onethousandshards August 27, 2009
English/UK Prison rhyming slang - "Bacon bonce" - Nonce
"That fellah's a right Bacon" (that gentleman is a bit of a pedo)
by Mark May 31, 2004
a police man or squad car (meat waGON)
by bennett January 20, 2003
slang for Penis
written by James Jobe, Eli Joyner, and Ashley Bishop.
She ate my bacon.
I had to use more bacon grease.
by jwrj53 January 14, 2013
A vagina, usually possessed by a female named Alina that takes the appearance of bacon.
Guy #1: Look at these screenshots I got of Alina on webcam, her vagina looks like bacon.

Guy #2: That's spacon, not bacon.
by Abyss4508 April 08, 2012
v. The act of a guy hitting a girl.
"I'm going to bacon you if you don't shut up!"
"Wow... Who baconed you like that?"
by Lolliars August 19, 2011