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Totally, amazingly stoned. When "baked" just won't do, because it's not like being in an oven. And when "stoned" just makes you feel like the victim of medieval punishment. And "high" reminds you that you're afraid of heights. But you've really smoked the good stuff - you're "baconed". Because what could be better than bacon?
Dude, I got a hold of some purple kush last night and got totally baconed.
by sean_p November 10, 2009
Past tense of the verb 'to bacon' which involves the application of raw bacon to a victim's household; often their front door and/or windows. Raw bacon should be soaked in syrup and forcefully applied to ensure prolonged adhesion.
Person 1: "I heard you had a quite a surprise this morning."
Victim: "Yeah, those bastards baconed me!"
by ColoradoIcculus December 08, 2009
This a non-food word; refers to your current high state. Used to described how high / stoned you really are.
I'm soo baconed right now." "Lets get baconed." "That blunt got be baconed." "'Tryin to blaze?, 'No, I'm chill; already baconed.'
by bay650area May 23, 2011
To be attacked, beaten, apprehended or ticketed by a policeman. From the bacony connotations of 'police'.
You know when you've been baconed
by oracle April 06, 2009
When someone rubs Cooked bacon on your skin and leaves a grease stain on your clothes or a grease streak on your skin leavin it shiny.
"Dude Your little brother just baconed me!"
by JohnX June 26, 2006
Getting shitloads of mail from a web 2.0 service like twitter when you sign up.
I dont get it... my inbox is full.
- Man, you just got baconed.
by pogono April 11, 2008