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Baconing (verb): to do an extreme combination of chillaxing and being a boss
Dude, i was down in florida last weekend and i saw this guy baconing so hard. He had ALL the ladies around him
by ElDiosDelTrueno September 21, 2010
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Baconing (verb): the act of enjoying bacon.
We were baconing all last night.

Mary was baconing instead of doing her homework.

As the earth was being attacked by aliens, Jimmy was completely fine because he was baconing.

Stan was caught baconing alone by his wife.
by rgg April 11, 2012
The action of whipping someone's bottom or ear using the fingertips of a relaxed hand, to cause the recipient pain and mild humiliation. Baconing of the ear is particularly painful on a cold day. Etymology thought to originate from schools of the Isle of Wight in the mid-1990s.
"I just got a right bad baconing from John."
by Wight Trash December 28, 2012
n. A common cure for most diseases. However, because of its
deliciousness and addictiveness, it has been outlawed in most areas. Similiar to medicinal marijuana

v. To bacon is to apply the ideals of the bacon-like nature to any situation.
Alex: "David, I got aids from that ho last night."
David: "Don't worry, I'll get the bacon."

David: "Dude, I got an F in spanish."
Alex: "Baconing?" *Pulls out bacon, milestone reached*
by AlexWhiteRules September 21, 2010

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