the cure for cancer
Mike: I'm going to die of cancer tom
Doctor: its ok have some Bacon
(( eats bacon ))
Mike: i feel better, thanks doctor
Doctor: Don't thank me, thank GOD he created the world to enjoy bacon
by ily 69 March 24, 2010
possibly the most overrated food on this planet
it's bacon, calm the fuck down
by hiphophead293847 November 25, 2009
An unfortunate typo of the phrase, "back on," in which the k and the space are omitted accidentally.
"don't worry man, I'm bacon.
by Badgerglue March 11, 2009
A nice piece of ass. salty tasting pussy
She looks like some bacon waxing material
by Al Bone Ya August 19, 2008
Something that is cooler than cool, and more awesome than awesome should be referred to as "bacon." If something is even more bacon than bacon, one should refer to it as "crispy bacon."
Dude! Did you see me nail that back flip? That was so bacon! If I could only hit the double... that would be such crispy bacon.
by Qvack Duck December 06, 2007
a term for a cop or a peace of ham
do you hear that bacon coming
by dan hart November 28, 2006
Meaty strips of porky goodness which take far to long to prepare compared to how much of it you get, but daaaaamn, it's worth it.
For health reasons, I tried to cut back on bacon by living without it for one month.
I was not a happy camper that month.
by Bowes November 26, 2005

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