Probably one of the most misinterpreted mainstream body fragrances that any shit head consumer could waste their money on.
No, Axe does not make you smell good.
You can spray yourself down with it, yes, but that's probably only going to last about 5 minutes.
If you actually think what happens in the commercials is going to happen to you after you put on the product, you really need to go play in traffic.
13 year old boy at a local Wal-Mart: Momma, momma! Buy me some Axe! It'll make me smell so good! All of the girlies at middle school are going to want to pounce on me!
13 year old boy's mom: Alright, alright. I'll get it for you.

- 13 year old boy rushes home and sprays himself down with it the next day before school -

Girl at the 13 year old boy's school: Wow. What the fuck. Did you take a fucking beaner bath this morning or what? You fucking smell like shit...go back to the swap meet where you belong.
by MikeDaSloth August 16, 2007
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A conformist body spray that is used by guys, often in heavy doses. Often the user likes to make extremely evident through scent, or verbally, that he is wearing the aforesaid deodorant.

Many guys (and women) were hypnotized, by the excellent use of advertising, to believe that they are using it because it smells good. When in reality the real product is a spray bottle marked, "Axe" that is tied to many marketing gimmicks.
"I'm going to, this very second; spray myself with some wonderful Axe."
"Get me some of that!"
"Me too!"
"Over here!"
"I want some!"

A: "I love a man who wears Axe."
B: "Have you ever smelled it?"
A: "Well, no..."
by The Legendary Ironwood March 27, 2005
How ghetto folks say ''ask''
Yo, go axe yo mama could we git some kool-aid in dis biotch!
by Trace September 10, 2004
1- Implement used for cutting wood.

2- Ebonics mutation of the english word ASK. Used by ghetto delinquents who have no sense of english diction, and are too apathetic to correct themselves.
1- "Hand me the axe so I can split this wood."

2- "I need to axe you a question."
by D.O. April 02, 2003
A guitar, usually eletric.
Jimi Hendrix played his axe as Paganini must have played his violin.
by PJC October 02, 2002
A bodyspray used by men attempting to cover up their smell. Unfortunately, it does not work very well. In fact, it makes it worse.
The teen used Axe after gym to cover up the stench of B.O., but ended up stinking up the locker room.
by ZetaDragoon February 11, 2006
a wicked mad smelling man perfume that in small amounts makes girls melt but in large amounts makes them die a thousand horrible deaths
man you WREAk like axe.


omfg he smells like axe. its making me hottttt
by big poppa April 23, 2005
"Gave her ten dollars, then she axed me for some more"
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003

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