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To inhale air. It is known to be very dangerous if unprepared while breathing.
Boy1: Hey man what're you doing?
Boy2: I'm breathing, but I'm being careful cuz i dont wanna get hurt.
Boy1: It's not worth it man, you could die. I don't even breathe anymore.
by penguinat4 September 10, 2009
What you usually say to someone to get them to calm down. Espeically if they're hyperventilating.
Breathe, buddy.
by I am me. But not thee April 07, 2010
to smoke marijuana.
fuck that class, lets skip and go breathe.
by p-ab January 04, 2007
A great song by Pink Floyd
How you live and how you fly...
by Disillusioned Hippie September 29, 2005