How some ghetto-dwellers say the word, "ask."

It is sometimes used as part of speech when talking in ebonics (yes, it is most frequently spoken this way rather than being written this way). It is definitely one way to butcher the English language -- albiet only a single word of it. :-(
{Tina}: Edward, may I axe you a question?
{Edward}: Don't you mean, "may I ASK you a question?"
{Tina}: That's what I just said! Can I axe you what all of those blown rubbers are doing on the bedroom floor every Saturday morning?

Be sure to axe about the bloody ask in the trunk. ;-)
#axe #ax #ask #ghetto #ebonics #mangle #butcher #english
by Telephony August 05, 2012
the reason why it's hard to breathe in high school hallways.
girl: *cough* *cough* *COUGH*

guy: IS SHE OKAY?!

other guy: yeah, man, she's just choking on your axe.
#high school #breathing #guys #choking #hallways
by kayliekakess June 29, 2011
axe is a smelly thing that alotta guys buy that they think smells goosd that actually smells alot like crap.
He had that axe spray it smells like shyt!
by alyssa December 20, 2004
1. A type of spray that smells really really disgusting if you douse yourself in it

2. How ghetto people say ''ask''
Ewww what is that smell?


''Yo son I gots to axe you a question''
#yo #tag #body spray #ghetto #bling #idiot #proper speech
by DizzyLizzy November 18, 2006
a body spray that was likely invented by women to identify douchebags
only douchebags wear axe
#douche #douchebag #asshole #cunt #bitch
by Mr. B0jangles. February 15, 2014
a body spray/deodorant for douches.
girl1; "Have you smelt Zack? He smells so good! I love axe!"
girl2; "He smells like a jackass."
#cologne #body spray #odour #foul #smell
by go.die September 16, 2012
A gross smelling body spray poor people use, some guys might find that the product attracts females but really they just want to gag and shake their heads because a poor guy dared to walk up to them.
Wow what a loser he actually buys axe, probably because he can't afford Chanel or Giogri Armani
#gross #body #spray #poor #guy
by darkmagicianawsome November 09, 2010
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