Code word for douche bag alert.
That guy looks like he uses axe body spray. (That guy seems like a douche)
by Komuhhdee January 14, 2015
The sexual act of fiercely hitting the clitoris, anus, or testicles of another person with the underside of your penis.
person1: "did you hear what the teacher just said?"
person2: "no, I'll axe her after class."
person1: "dude, that's gross! She's like 80!"
by Ms. Nomer January 03, 2013
Any musical instrument but usually a saxphone.
- You are in a room with Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, and Kenny G with a axe. You have a gun but only two bullets. What do you do?

Shoot Kenny G twice... just to make sure. take this one: What is the difference between Kenny G and a machine gun?

The machine gun repeats only 10 times per second.
by William Warney April 05, 2011
a guitar. it is an axe because you grind your axe (practice) in the woodshed(practice room/bedroom).
Grab your axe and lets jam!
by Tony April 03, 2005
To propose a question
Say nigga! I awready axed you fo some bling NA SAYING HOMIE?
by maximousf16 November 03, 2008
a saxophone, especially a large size saxophone. (actually, almost any musical instrument that can be played standing up can be referred to as an axe.)
He plays a mean axe.
by Kelly November 18, 2004
a stupid ass cologne that fat or unnatractive loser guys wear to try to attract women. Its a sham yet they have hope to beleive it will attract women even though their fat n nasty, thats how stupid they are. Axe cologne is also cheap as shit, usually worn by broke men. The commercials are cheesy as hell.
you stupid broke nega get some good cologne , that axe you wearin smells like grandmas ass.
by jojo February 25, 2005

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