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v. axed, axing

1. To put a question to
2. To make a request of
3. To require or call for as a price or condition
4. To expect or demand

syn. for ask
1. When I realized my hunnie-sack was missing, I axed Lorenzo where it was.
2. I axed my ho to smoke my shaft.
3. I axed Bennie how much was that deuce-deuce.
4. I axed you once I ain't gonna axe you again.
by thug4life October 03, 2002
Efficient way to cover up weed smell.
Dude, you smell like herby axe!
by DWangD December 20, 2005
A scent that is over used in school hallways to the point that you can smell it from the other side of said school.
Me: Did you wear axe today?

Friend: Yes! How did you know?

Me: I could smell it from the other side of the school! It made me gag!
by Zuehlke December 30, 2004
A tool that has been used for thousands of years as a weapon and a tool . Made of many materials including flint , stone ,copper ,bronze ,iron and steel . There are many types including hand axe's , 2 handed axes and 3/4's axes that can be used one or two handed .

As a weapon the most common axe's where the one handed ones. Contary to popular belief massive 2 handed double bladed axes' where rarely used in combat ,they where ceremonial weapons . Two headed axes where used though.
Besides spears the sumerians used the axe as a weapon.
by russia_almighty June 21, 2006
a Jazz-ician's term for an intrusment, be it horn or guitar or piano. usually not used for drums
"Hey man, bring your axe to the jam session."
by Artorius November 12, 2004
Throwing cheap fake aftershave at someone and finding it hilariously funny when they go 'whats that smell?'.
Should we axe him?
by J-Nose March 01, 2004
How some ghetto-dwellers say the word, "ask."

It is sometimes used as part of speech when talking in ebonics (yes, it is most frequently spoken this way rather than being written this way). It is definitely one way to butcher the English language -- albiet only a single word of it. :-(
{Tina}: Edward, may I axe you a question?
{Edward}: Don't you mean, "may I ASK you a question?"
{Tina}: That's what I just said! Can I axe you what all of those blown rubbers are doing on the bedroom floor every Saturday morning?

Be sure to axe about the bloody ask in the trunk. ;-)
by Telephony August 05, 2012