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227 definitions by Telephony

\shatt\ (V.) Past tense of the word "shit".
{Two guys at a local ice hockey rink}
(Guy 1): Where's Donald?

(Guy 2): He called me on his cell a little while ago. Said that he douched out on the ice on the way here and shat himself, and that he had to run home and change his pants because he didn't want to smell like shit.

{From a phoney-bologna Christmas song I came up with in late-2011}
...Then how the reindeer hated him,
As they shat themselves with fear (again!)
Rudolph the fucking reindeer,
Have a real fucked-up new year!!!
by Telephony February 09, 2012
Much like pee you!!! but stronger; piss you!!! is an exclamation used when you encounter a person or thing that ***REALLY*** reeks.
PISS YOU!!! That fucking jug of milk must have gone off at least two weeks ago!!! :-(
by Telephony December 25, 2011
Pronounced like "my cat"; the word "mikat" is used to refer to one's own kitty cat.
That's a good girl Nikki!!!
You're mikat!!!
by Telephony December 22, 2011
{Usually glass} having been infused with an anion oxide of the heavy metal uranium. This glass glows a ghostly green when exposed to shortwave visible and longwave ultraviolet radiation.

Often called "uranium glass" or more frequently, "Vaseline glass" due to its resemblence to Vaseline® petroleum jelly.

Note spelling: urAnated, not urEnated, urInated, urOnated, urUnated, or sometimes urYnated. :-O
{John}: Hey Craig, are you going to perform spectroscopy of the fluorescense of a uranated glass marble when irradiated with thaty spiffy new violet laser?
{Craig} Why of course!!! Let me go fire up old Betsy now!
by Telephony December 22, 2011
Very similar to a peon; some bungsnoipe who is regarded as a nobody -- usually at their place of employ, but in this case the bogus pisson can be at other locations too such as at bars, nightclubs, dance halls, etc.

This phrase came into existance from the Anthrax album "Among the Living" that was released in 1987; specifically in the song "Imitation of Life".
How many times have you heard this today?
Some bogus pisson saying 'Let's do lunch babe!'
For them this bullshit, it's their whole life;
Cut through the bullshit with a knife!
by Telephony December 18, 2011
Means the same thing as "urinary tract".
Taking about the pissinary tract
Is something we all should do with tact!
by Telephony December 22, 2011
A nicer way of using the word pussywhipped -- this way of spelling it also bypasses the onboard censors found on many BBSs.
Jeff was so p-whipped, he couldn't even uranate without his domineering wife knowing about it.
by Telephony August 12, 2011