A tool that has been used for thousands of years as a weapon and a tool . Made of many materials including flint , stone ,copper ,bronze ,iron and steel . There are many types including hand axe's , 2 handed axes and 3/4's axes that can be used one or two handed .

As a weapon the most common axe's where the one handed ones. Contary to popular belief massive 2 handed double bladed axes' where rarely used in combat ,they where ceremonial weapons . Two headed axes where used though.
Besides spears the sumerians used the axe as a weapon.
#weapon #medieval:total war #sword #shield #dungeons and dragons
by russia_almighty June 21, 2006
a wicked mad smelling man perfume that in small amounts makes girls melt but in large amounts makes them die a thousand horrible deaths
man you WREAk like axe.


omfg he smells like axe. its making me hottttt
by big poppa April 23, 2005
"Gave her ten dollars, then she axed me for some more"
by VAKI5 September 14, 2003
1) n. Implement traditionally used for chopping wood composed of a sturdy metal blade and a long handle.

2) v. To pose a question.

3) n. An electric guitar.
1) "No! Please! Put down the axe!"

2) "Lemme axe you something."

3) "Yngwie really knows how to wail on that axe."
by secret_agent_s March 16, 2005
A horrible smelling cologne that guys use.
They usually use it instead of taking showers after a football practice, thinking it works.
It doesn't.

People also unleash large amounts onto school buses, because apparently this is amusing.
It isn't.
Girl: OMG, I just walked down to the PE hallway, and it smells like Axe and sweat! I guess I just missed the football players!

Some immature little twit: *giggles*
#axe #football #cologne #deoderent #school bus
by Kitten Rae August 01, 2006
A really bad smelling deoderant and cologne company. Guys THINK girls love it, but they put on too much and smell TERRIBLE! If you want to wear it, BEWARE!
Joe wears Axe to try to make me go out with him. I think it smells weird. I just love him for HIM!
#cologne #smelly #deoderant #turn-off #perfume
by Natizzle December 31, 2005
best freind of stoners everywhere.
smell like smoke? no problem just spray down!
guy 1: dude you reek! here take some Axe, i keep it in my glove box.
guy 2: phew close one man, thanks!
#weed #deoderant #smoking #stoners #marijuana
by fre3k December 28, 2005
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