1.someone distributed to the public as something they're not!
3.Whiny kid with a microphone
4.something ugly("her face is avril")
5.anything fake!("her boobs are very avril")
go to my anti avril site:
by april henriquez December 03, 2003
As much as I love playing Devil's advocate, I cant bring myself to stand up for her.
A Canadian who hangs out with a group of 'punks' and claims to be able to play the guitar though she just plays 2 chords during the chorus.Claims to be a punk but really stinks, shes not even corparate rock like Good Charlotte(I dont listen to them but I respect them for continuing to play despite them getting bottled), she is manafactured pop, groomed by the music industry for a life of slovenly superstardom.
My sister went to the Avril concert and when i went to pick her up the streets were filled with teeny boppers
by Cian December 25, 2004
1. Yet another MTV produced poser.
2. Person who says they are "punk" and "rock chick"
3.Anti-Poser *cough avrils a poser cough*
4. Someone who needs to die a slow and painful death by forcing her to listen to sk8er boi for 2 fucking days straight.

Girl 2: You stupid fuck, that girl is so Avril!
by Strat Kidd May 28, 2004
britney- but uglier
"avril and britney are both mass-produced products."

"yeah, well, at least britney's good to look at- and american."
by tyfuni February 16, 2004
A canadian who was kicked out of the country because she ran around with no make-up. so she is in America poisioning us, damn her. i hate her with the passion of 1,000 burning fires.
to put it simply shes a poser.
by Sarah January 01, 2004
A Female from Canada.

She is not the one who ruined punk, that started a loooong time ago, maybe even as far back as the 80's.

Even though many people hate her, quite a few girls(and even some boys) like her because she was the first "Punk" band singer that "mummy" and "daddy" did not get freaked out about, meaning they still got money from their richass high class familys, but they still got respect from their friends because she was "punk rock".

This pissed the people who had to give up a lot to listen to real rock, and had people stare at them funny. It also made some people angry because she CAN'T sing!

Finally it made some people mad, because the weird tenny boppers think that all rock and roll, as well as punk people are their "friends" and "sisters" and "brothers" in the fight against authority...

She also pissed of the Anarchists because she stole the anarchy sign, and tried to make it her own.

Personally the reason I hate her, is that ever since she did the song "sk8er boi" we've been killed with that kind writing. "OMG, Shz the shit, ain't aril gr8!" God that pisses me off... she also got the people who do this to come out of the closet. "OmG iSN't sHE thE BESt!" *twitch*

She also can't proform, and even if you are one of the few who likes her music, I warn you not to go to her concerts. She doesn't dance, move or anything like that... and they are very boring. I know, I got dragged to one of them by my little sister....

also see poser, bleach blond anti-rock, and pop
Avril has made being literate a bad thing, and makes quite a few Punk-Rockers, (head)Bangers, and Skaters want to go pop(or goth), just so they aren't assciated with her.
1) a poser who ruined the whole entire tie wearing thing for all girls because now when a girl wheres on it is like "eww that was so Avril"
2) a thing of the past
3) a good singer that ruined music for the rest of us who have a positive outlook
"girl #1 is wearing a nice outfit "
"no way it is so Avril"
by lalagrl February 18, 2004
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