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5 definitions by alejandra

super excited
We were siced to hear that school would be cancelled for a week.
by alejandra March 14, 2003
141 69
The best band ever. Anyone who is just into incubus cause of..Wish you were here, Nice to know you, Pardon Me, Stellar, Drive, and Are you in..Are obviously not true Incubus fans.
Incubus is more than the band on Mtv.
by Alejandra January 30, 2004
41 30
To sleep with someone
"I really want to kik it with my sisters exboyfriend"
by Alejandra March 24, 2005
8 17
coming from the word little.
shortened to become 'lul'.

adj. - short form of little
noun - used to describe something that one has feelings towards
adj- aw, what a sweet lul boy.

noun- that lul is so cute.
by Alejandra April 20, 2005
13 185
A fuckin liar
hey...here comes an avril
by alejandra January 01, 2004
26 304