the over-the-counter name for ibuprofin
i had a headahce,but then i took two avril's and it was gone
by no wait....Avril's a dog January 14, 2005
Kicks Ass. she knows how the job is done...and shes fucking hot as hell!!!
she is awesome. her lyrics are very helpful and inspriational.
by M3L October 14, 2004
1. She's pretty.
2. Yes, she used to be full of shit, but she's changed. Everyone does.
3. She actually sings about experience instead of putting some words together with the typical useless shit most artists do.
4. She has some good opinions about bands. For example, Good Charlotte. THEY SUCK. Fully agreed.
Avril is awesome! :]
by erika love. June 26, 2006
One def. of "Avril" is is the month "April" in the French language. However, "Avril" is also the 1st name of the pop/rock singer Avril Lavigne, originating from Napanee, Ontario, Canada.
1.) Let's make a rendezvous in Avril... (lol, I sound bad at French; I don't know hardly any words.)

2.)Avril Lavigne is one of the coolest singers ever!!!!
by Elizabeth September 03, 2004
1. She's rude to her fans

2. She lies about everything

3. She can't really play the guitar

4. She can't really play the piano

5. She tries too hard

6. She disses Good Charlotte (& other bands/artist)

"Good Charlotte are posers!" -Avril

7. She's fucking ugly

8. She CAN'T sing

9. Her lyrics don't make sense

10. She brought ties back in style(she didn't "invent the tie look")

11. She gives a bad name to all Punks

12. She doesn't know who the Sex Pistols are yet says she is like Sid Vicious

"I'm the Sid Vicious of the new generation!" -Avril

13. All her songs sound the same

14. She's a dumbass; she can't spell("Sk8er Boi")

15. Her music videos are gay

16. She's a hypocrite

17. She's so fake

18. She's a racist

"People like Shakira shouldn't even have record labels, she can't even speak english!" -Avril

19. She's immature(always saying shit about someone)

20. She just sucks

see: Avril Lavigne/poser
Avril should take a look in the mirror; and see who the REAL poser is.
the Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher

will lock onto any vehicle in your line of sight
I just lit up that Hellbender with my AVRiL!
by CellBlock November 16, 2004
A totally unique and Very Awesome person :)

(not the singer)
that girl Avril is so Cool!
by He_WhoKnowsher1988 October 07, 2012
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