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To think independently.
Word very misused today. Today it is used as "being different from the rest." Maybe so, but not in all cases. Originality; being yourself, doing what you like. If what you like happens to be the trend, you are in fact, original. Losers try to be original by just being different, which results in not doing what you want to do. Just do what you want, and like it. That's your own originality.
Express your originality through song or words.
by Simply L October 15, 2004
"Originality is the art of concealing your source." --Franklin P. Jones
Hey, at least I acknowledged mine!
by Killing Kittens October 14, 2004
a word that is sorely misused today. By stupid (unoriginal) people who define themselves as hippies, punks, emo kids, metalheads, etc. etc. They claim to be original but instead they are tired retreads of some refurbished form of conformity. Can also be used to describe behavioral attributes.
That angst ridden kid says that people don't understand him because he is original. I say they don't understand him because he is stupid.
by iggy May 01, 2004
individuality, creativity, uniquosity, independence... originality is not making decisions based on brand names and popular votes, is free of labels and generalizations. ironically originality has now become idolized, so it's a trend to be untrendy.
"punk" and "indie" becoming trendy.
by applemold January 22, 2005
Weeeell. This is Opinion based so no Hate(:

Originality to me being your self.

Being a Character of your own.

Having your Style. Meaning that you dress the way you want however the Faawk you want to. Not giving two Sh*ts for what other people think.
Originality. That's Fresh
by All-Orginal April 26, 2012
originality is something people try way too hard to achieve.
just because you rip your pants on purpose to look different, doesn't mean a new kid wont come into school with same look.

originality is something you do and no one else can copy even if they try

by ohjeezeTiffany April 17, 2008
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