Top Definition
Geeky way of typing "great"!
Geek1: How's that w.i.n.e. emulator running in linux?
Geek2: Gr8 !
by Stefan G. September 27, 2005
'Gr8' is just a short form of 'Great'. It is very useful if you are a lazy texter!
'That looks gr8!'
'Your in gr8 danger'
'Your doing such a gr8 job!'
by dogcrafter01 June 19, 2016
Commonly taken to mean Grade 8
Person A : I am teh gr8!!11oneone
Person B : No wonder you type like that....
by KobeWan September 01, 2005
the ironic way to suggest something is not actually great
"that is gr8 m8" said barry
by westybrahh August 31, 2016
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