1. A washed up loser in desperate need of a bath.

2. Someone who must be introduced to deodorant (or perfume, at least).

3. An idiot who thinks she's original when she comes from the cow-tipping sector of some hick-ass town (her background reminds me of Britney Spears... does it you?).

4. Poor hack of a singer who, instead of parading around half-naked, insists on showing off her butt crack in order to gain a following.

5. Person who leads a contradictory life, claiming that all of her songs come from her "emotions" and are written "on the spot", yet who has co-writers on every single song.

6. Someone who makes all of us who can't sing and can't play an instrument think that maybe we could make it big in the music industry (honestly, I'm even considering it).

7. For those of us who know Avril can't sing, she's an annoying bitch who, when we listen to or watch her, makes our eyes and ears bleed (literally).

Words to see that will help define Avril: fucker, dumbass, moron, twit
"Ooh! Avril Lavigne's songs sound like horse shit! And she made money! Maybe I could be a singer!"

"Aah! My eyes! My eyes! She's soiled my virgin eyes!"
by Natalja June 27, 2004
Atest from the rock god to test whether or not people actually do appreciate rock/punk/grunge or whether they do it as a poser, a poser would like avril and claim she's a punk rock chick, these people need to be locked in a small room with avril, and annoy each other to death. see; good track killer, stuck up tart, liar.
Avril is such an embarressment to our species, a waste of time space and the money charitable people pay to see her "sing"
by Doug March 04, 2004
1.A rock star that makes genuinely good music, has quite a few dedicated fans and has made mistakes.
2.The ultimate insult. It can mean anything negative because she is a celebrity who did not do everything right (I'm not saying she did not make mistakes she could (and should) have avoided, i am merely saying the media would post pictures of her picking her nose everywhere or in the shower if thats all they could get. (not all the media, just enough).
1."you rock avril!" or "you suck avril"
2."you are such and avril."
by Butterfly_Fox...Not! October 14, 2006
anyone who is for real is going to stop bitching about what a stupid manufactured poser avril is because we all know it, you dont have to yell it out at everyone like you were some real "rebellious punk" douchbag and she was hurtin your imiage or soemthign, if you were for real you would stop bitching about it, no one gives a shit
people use the term avril and put her and other fake people down to try and insurethat they are for real
by james August 13, 2004
1. a "punk" person when in fact a smaller boobed version of a pop slut.
2. a "singer-songwriter" who is also said punk person who doesn't write their songs, but still takes the glory.
3. a hypocrite of said "singer-songwriter punk"
4. annoying, look above.
Like, OMG, that Avril is a hundred times better than that stupid Britney. She's so like totally awesome. She's so hardcore. Like ROCK ON!
by luna January 16, 2004
Howling canadian wench.
I heard an Avril song on the radio and my ears started bleeding.
by Ihateyouallsomuch July 08, 2005
a record company's puppet.
wannabe punk girl: have you heard the new good charlotte CD?

sane person: ha. theyre so avril. shouldnt even have bought that crap.
by liveHxCdieHxC August 07, 2004

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