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You probly don´t remember me
by Lily April 22, 2003
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most often, an internet misspelling of the word "probably." usually used by preteen girls who are either stupid or lazy.
"she probly haz 2 go"
people who spell it "probly" should be badly wounded.
by jaymee February 16, 2004
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1) one of the easiest ways to spell a word wrong without ever knowing it.
Maxine: Are you going to watch that movie with us?
Craig: I don't know...I want to...probly.
Maxine: You mean probably?
Craig: Wait, what?
Maxine: Huh?
Craig: ...
by B J Maxwell Malkovich October 18, 2009
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Shane's fantastic catchphrase on DormLife. It means "probably."
Gopher: Do you drink?
Shane: ...Probly!!!
by rybizzz July 16, 2008
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