Noun - To Avril someone.

When someone comes up to you and says 'Hey hey, you you!'
Person One -Hey hey, you you!

Person Two - Dude, did you just Avril me?
by yocornflake August 09, 2007
a singer who is a disgrace to the punk community. Poser. Sell-out.
Avril is a posing wannabe pop singer who only did punk (or what she claims is punk) because she wouldn`t get signed unless she did.
by The Demented One January 02, 2004
Avril in the French-Canadian language actually means "April". I don't know of any "Punk-rockers" named April. Besides not being able to sing live, she shouldn't be covering any artists! Like Blink182 "All the Small Things" or Green Day "Basket Case".

I also read in a commentary that she never skateboarded or snowboarded in her life, it was propaganda to promote her new CD, back when she first came out. When the producer asked her to skate in on the opening of "Complicated" she freaked out because she had never done it before.

Avril knows that she's hated so much that's why she fell out of the media. Do we know where she is now?
Avril did a photo shoot for major magazines, one magazine showed her and about 3 fake tattoo's that she was showing off. During Avril's "Basket Case" cover she messed up the lyrics, didn't move around the stage at all, and was trying way to hard to look punk.
by Rusty Stranger December 10, 2005
"The Avrils" : Used to describe all girls between the ages of 13 and 16 who dress like skaters or punks, but are hanging out at malls rather than Fugazi shows.

see: mallpunk, mallcore, sk8er
"I just wanted to get some new jeans, but the Avrils had flooded the store and the lineup went on forever!"
by 4dimensional September 01, 2004
A poser girl, who can't sing, can't play guitar, who IS NOT PUNK.
She crowned herself rockchick and punk...that's is just NOT GOOD.
Avril: I'm a rockchick with an aditude.
by Coco December 27, 2003
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