the second coolest person in the universe
"look,there is the mighty alpaca."
"in the shadow of the danzil"
by danzil November 29, 2003
an alpaca is a smaller version of a llama. they are fuzzier and they more likly to be hunted for they have more fur. according to my Hero alpacas are so better than llamas which is not true. Llama's can spit! in your face! kangaroos are cool cause they can HOP
Dude my llama is so cooler than your alpaca he can spit.
by inyourfaceAmanda! March 19, 2005
Alpacas are the most majestic creatures to ever roam Saturn but are used as a joke here on earth.
Alpaca my bags and I'll be going.
by Cianedmond February 27, 2016
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