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someone or something so beautiful and perfect that you can't believe how lucky you are
wow. caleb really is wonderful!
by May_ray July 24, 2004
A polite way to say "Fuck off"
Johny: I made this great thing in woodshop today! It's awesome, I'm so proud!
Jake: Wonderful.
by Exilechamp May 13, 2003
A word to say that everything in your life is going great and you're totally happy.
My life is wonderful!!
by Maya January 19, 2005
amazing, too good to be true, great
"Free ice cream, and Luke are wonderful"
Luke, free ice cream, free booze, Luke
by kayla! February 12, 2008
Someone who inspires delight, pleasure, or admiration; who is marvelous. Someone who was created in a special manner. Someone who is like no other.
Desarae Diedrich is the most wonderful woman on this planet.
by USA24 September 06, 2015
What you say when things are not too wonderul at all.
"Looks like you got a D in History, Jacko!"
by Dylan Hewson June 25, 2005
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