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When a person or animal act a certain kind of wonderful when not under control of themselves
Last night was crazy good thing I'm just an alpaca
by Barracudabtch June 01, 2014
1 0
An animal, usually mistaken with llamas, that seems very beautiful and will try to hypnotize you until they eat your brain
That girl was killed by an Alpaca yesterday, i told her to stay away from that devil
by euzinha November 24, 2013
2 1
Slang term referring to the packing of a bowl of weedies. This is used when not wanting to be obvious of ones intentions.
Hey brosef, why don't you alpaca it up?
by palungus September 11, 2010
4 6
As everyone knows, the alpaca is a South American quadruped known for spitting. This inspires the name given for insemination by spitting semen into the vagina. This is a requirement for impregnation for men with a micropenis. The technical maneuver involves masturbation of the micropenis into one's hand, ingesting and then spitting into the vagina.
Robert and his wife are expecting a baby girl in September. Obviously, he performed the alpaca successfully, given that he's nearly dickless.
by DrChode May 22, 2009
8 21
A wool bearing llama with big teeth.
Alpaca..........Alpaca you'r bag's in a second if you don't shutup!
by Annaliese May 03, 2005
20 41
the second coolest person in the universe
"look,there is the mighty alpaca."
"in the shadow of the danzil"
by danzil November 29, 2003
9 33
an alpaca is a smaller version of a llama. they are fuzzier and they more likly to be hunted for they have more fur. according to my Hero alpacas are so better than llamas which is not true. Llama's can spit! in your face! kangaroos are cool cause they can HOP
Dude my llama is so cooler than your alpaca he can spit.
by inyourfaceAmanda! March 19, 2005
10 47