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The kids store of Abercrombie and Fitch. It has the same relation to A&F as Gap Kids has to Gap.
I don't really think an example is needed.
by Matt April 17, 2005
A guy who worries more about his looks than his girlfriend does. Someone whose vain, arrogant and an all-around asshole.
Watching a guy who's wearing a grey shirt and a grey sweater; he changes to a second grey sweater because the first one doesn't match well enough. You're thinking, "That guy is such an Abercrombie."

You're thanking your date for driving a long way to visit you and he says, "I didn't come here for you, I came here for me." You're thinking, "This asshole is such a fucking Abercrombie. What the fuck was I thinking?"
by Josephina523 February 15, 2010
A ridiculously over priced store where alot of their shirts look the same.
lets go to abercrombie.
dude, no.
by orangeisthecoolestcolor May 03, 2009
A store that you will find in almost every mall, stinking of sweat and male cologne and containing the most boring and unappealing clothing you will ever find. The typical Abercrombie store will display pictures of attractive, shirtless models to draw in a certain crowd (often 13-30 year old girls, and usually very self-conscious boys). The clothing in an abercrombie store is sorted in colors such as pink, white, green, or blue, however, there are rarely multi-colored clothes. There is usually a rack of clothes with t-shirts that read slogans such as "who needs brains when you have these?" and "L is for loser". Of course, there's no denying that the store is made for stupid trailer trash brats who want to look clean cut so they can fool everyone around them, all the while being laughed at behind their backs.
Tiffany: If I shop at Abercrombie, I can look like every other girl in my school AND I can be Patriotic!
Alternative prep kid: Why don't we shop somewhere else instead?
Tiffany: *stabs*
Alternative prep kid: *dead*
by Tiffany McMillan May 18, 2008
1. An outrageously expensive clothing store.
The products of Abercrombie are well-made and comfortable, but still not worth the 70$ you just paid for a paper thin jacket.

2. Sometimes idenified as preps, sluts, and wannabees. Simply known to me as rich.
1. Let's go shop at Abercrombie! I'll fit in with all the popular girls at school and snag a few hott guys! Who cares if I have to spend my lifesavings on that pink tank top?? I'll look HOTT !!!

2. Look at that Abercrombie! What a slut.
by Jill P. March 15, 2006
A clothing store in which a certain demographic of our nation's youth shop. However, as the previous submissions have so candidly put it, the choice to wear clothing from this store in no way indicates the size of the male genitalia or the female brain mass. In addition, I happen to know for a fact that it also cannot be a definate sign of bland musical taste. Finally, to make a quick reference to the first submitter's example sentence: Hey buddy, you might want to check all of the homophobic comments, as it is a proven fact that this kind of behavior is actually latent homosexuality trying to escape your lonely and hypocritical brain.
I like to buy some of my clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch, despite the criticism from cynical and sometimes small-minded assholes.
by Isaac Mishler March 03, 2005
It is a clothing store for teenagers. They sell very comfortable clothes, really soft, but are super expensive. They are mostly preppy clothes. usually when a person is wearing all abercrombie, many say they are rich. as much as I LOVE their clothes they are much too overpriced. I think their bags cost more to make then there simple cotton shirts. Abercrombie and fitch is the more adult store. Sizes 0-12. The child store is 8-16. THe clothes are very tight fitting. they are made for skinny people, which everybody thinks is a little bit unfair, but if you are like me and really abnormally skinny then this is probably the only store that will be able to fit you. The clothes are quality made, they last me a long time. pros: comfy, durable clothes, cons: too expensive, sizes are too small.
"look at her, all abercrombie."
"yeah, she is like super rich."
by lentasva April 12, 2010