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Those addicted to everything involving the store Abercrombie & Finch. Considered by some as expensive clothing it has gained the classification as "preppy clothing" and has become the #1 store for middle class teenage brats who like to think they are preppy.
Look at those abozombies heading out of the mall; thank God we are going sailing at the beach club.
by DaceFace August 25, 2005
A poser prep store that once upon a time was actually considered preppy for older businessmen. Now flooded with less than quality clothing usually giving off bad messages it is designed for those who want to climb the social ladder to official prep but just don't know the right way how. Located in most malls it may be considered overpriced, but actual prep clothes cannot be found in generic malls unless located in SAKS 5th AVE or NEIMAN MARCUS that have entire sections dedicated to acessories such as Chanel or Minolos.
The new freshman at Trinity are Abercrombie zombies mini skirts and torn pastel polos, hope they get the message soon
by DaceFace August 25, 2005

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