1. An outrageously expensive clothing store.
The products of Abercrombie are well-made and comfortable, but still not worth the 70$ you just paid for a paper thin jacket.

2. Sometimes idenified as preps, sluts, and wannabees. Simply known to me as rich.
1. Let's go shop at Abercrombie! I'll fit in with all the popular girls at school and snag a few hott guys! Who cares if I have to spend my lifesavings on that pink tank top?? I'll look HOTT !!!

2. Look at that Abercrombie! What a slut.
by Jill P. March 15, 2006
Abercrummy. A sweat shop for caucasins where you get brainwashed into "living the lifestyle". I should know, I was a store manager!
I used to work at Abercrummy.
by GG November 13, 2003
A store for social rejects with money hungry parents who have nothing better to do than work. Teens who shop at abercrombie are often known to be the prep version of mall goths
kaitlyn: I really want people to see me as a prep.
sernah: Let's go to abercrombie.
by flawlesImprefection December 20, 2010
A clothing brand store that apparently has a rich history in sports I don't care about, because they don't sell sports equipment anymore. They have ripped, torn clothing to make it look vintage and hip, and like you don't care about your appearance. Some people claim to like it because of the build quality, but no one buys clothes because of build quality. Worn mostly by suburban kids, jocks, and guidos who spend too much time trying to look like everyone else, and don't have a personal sense in fashion. Basically, when you put on a shirt saying "Abercrombie" your puting a "TOOL" badge right on your chest. Congrads, your indifferent to half the kids in your school style wise.
"Hey mom! Can you buy me this shirt? Its only 40$ at Abercrombie!"

"But there are rips in it...?"

"No ma, its okay! Everyone else has rips in their shirts too!"
by handwritter October 22, 2009
A store that sells douchey clothes to people that are desperate to look like the models on the walls. Usually when you walk in you will be greeted with a "sup" from a guy named Tanner and he will have a surfer spike hairdo too. Now don't be fooled ladies, Tanner will be good-looking, but he will most definitely be gay or just really feminine. The girl there will for sure be hot but she will be twiggy as hell. The place will smell like a 16 year old sex party and there will be some douchey techno music thumping away as you empty your wallet for an 80 dollar moose head polo.
"Bro, I got this killer Abercrombie polo today, it's epic. Now lets go oil each other's backs"

by ontheereal August 27, 2009
Contrary to popular belief, Abercrombie is not a preppy store. Its patrons may choose to say otherwise, but its display of cheaply-made clothing and provacative advertisements all point to the opposite end of prep spectrum.
When the true definition of Prep is thought of, it is not usually connotated with a thin t-shirt that has blatant innuendo written across the chest, which is what Abercrombie excells in. Abercrombie is, in summary, a sad excuse for a Prep store where those who desperately want to be the epitome of Prep spend their money which they, in most cases, got from their parents.
It is important to remember, however, that Abercrombie was not always in such ruin. When it first started in 1892 and before it became, essentially, a place for sexually-repressed teenagers to buy conforming (in both senses of the word) clothing, it was a "store that outfitted wealthy businessmen for their outdoor pursuits". In just a little over a century it has a gone from businessmen pursuing the outdoors to teens pursuing the fastest way to be considered cool by their peers.
When Abercrombie is thought of as preppy, it makes the true preps shutter.
Even the children's version, abercrombie sic, albeit not as sexual, is just as shocking. abercrombie sic which carries Girls' sizes 7-16 and boys 8-20, has shirts with messages that are so rude and egotistical it is not unusual to want to smack the kid that is wearing it. An example would be "The party starts when I arrive" (a Girls t-shirt) and "Once a winner, always a winner" (found in the Boys' section) make the adults of our society involuntarily gag. This spoiled attitude is what they fought for in 3 wars? It's truly enough to make anyone vomit, or as The Official Preppy Handbook puts it, yawn in color.
It is an insult to prepness when Abercrombie is ranked along the likes of Ralph Lauren and LLBean.
by A Defender of Preps April 28, 2005
an overpriced clothing company, usually targeting teens and young adults. most people can not afford the clothes. abercrombie clothes are made for buff guys and skinny girls. girls usually wear more abercrombie items then guys. uses same material most of the time as hollister, american eagle, and aeropostale but is still more expensive somehow. rich people often have most of there clothes from abercrombie. some people who wear abercrombie are spoiled, stuck up, gay, or very rich. the most common people are the spoiled ones who think they are cooler or better than everybody else just because they are wearing overpriced clothing.
guy: dude what brand shirt is that?

guy 2: i think its just a regular tee-shirt with a no-name brand

guy: well my shirts cooler its abercrombie.
by thomas14 April 30, 2012

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