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the ability to pick up a person of the opposite sex. to have game.
Man ive been having a good game with the ladies lately. My campaign has been strong.

My campaign was presidential last night. I picked up 2 girls.

Bro, you dont know how to close the deal. Ur campain is worse than Sarah Palin's.
by twotone530 November 03, 2010
To drive around town showing off and attracting attention to yourself
Guy:"Yo bandit just got a new trans am"
Smokey:"I know hes already started to campaign"
by Dick 33 January 14, 2009
An ordeal, undergoing. Endeavor, project, etc.
The ruthless campaign began to belabor from it's original purpose.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
1. A hit of Crack Cocaine.

2.The process of getting high on Crack- to het high on Crack.
1. Hey man, give me a piece of that campaign to smoke up.

2. Hey man, let's buy a piece and get our campaign on.
by sunflower67 May 10, 2007
casual causal voting & camping,could also allude to painful electricity shock at resort
Influenza caused me considerible dicomfort in the voter's campaign camp.
by Hercolena Oliver April 28, 2008
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