A moose who was abandoned from his mother, and was soon adopted by Hugh Hefner. The moose was adopted around 1 year of age, and was soon named 'Abercrombie' after the store who uses a moose as a icon for the popular brand. The moose lives happily with Hugh and Hugh's girlfriends in their small zoo. Hugh has a zoo permit to keep wild animals, and he takes great special care of Abercrombie.
Hugh Hefner: Like the new baby moose I adopted?
Holly:OMG he is so cute!
Bridget:Whats his name?
Kendra:Name him Abercrombie after that store I love!
by keepsgettingbetr April 03, 2009
I'm not judging ANYONE, but based from my school scene, here is how I define Abercrombie: A higly expensive store where as the "upscale cool people" buy from. Outrageously expensive, and if you're not wearing abercrombie, you're not even in the scene.
GOOD:"Yeah, so I saw Cassidy wearing all abercrombie yesterday. That's pretty tight."
BAD: "Marissa NEVER wears anything cool, like Abercrombie! She must buy her crap from a thrift store or something. What a dork."
by Cat Stone May 24, 2008
A store with more expensive, finer clothing. Even though

knock offs are located at most street vendors and

Targets, more wealthy children (who can't be seen at a

target, or don't even have a target anywhere in their

county) buy stuff from Abercrombie, most people who buy

stuff from there live in places like Northern Virginia, California, etc. and is very popular in young whores, ages 12-16 (yes, some whores are only 12 years old, trust me) They also have a deserted wasteland (called Abercrombie and Fitch) full of pictures of half naked people making out on the wall, which is a very stupid way to advertise, because no one wants to get caught staring at the half naked people, and the people are half naked, how do you advertise clothing with only one pair of pants on.
Ian "Wanna go to abercrombie, I wanna get horny, its been a while ya know?"

Eli "Yah sure, but don't we have to buy something or else they'll think were shoplifting?"

Ian "Thanks for ruining the fun, you know I don't have 30$ to spend on a Belt"
by Anti-JustinBieberGurrrl April 09, 2010
an expensive casual clothing store that mainly young asian and whites wear to fit in with their crowd. it's worn by many snobby white girls and white wannabe asians.
OMG! I saw the cutest shirt at abercrombie yesterday.
by disbitchizbad March 25, 2009
A store which I refuse to go into. Upon entering the dark, loud, smelly shit-hole, you immediately feel very gay. The only reason people buy anything from Abercrombie is to be socially accepted. Have no friends? Sell your dignity and buy some Abercrombie shit rags to gain some fake, materialistic frinds in an instant. Do you realize that when you buy an abercrombie shirt that says "ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH" on the front of it, you are advertising their product? And do you realize that you are paying them $50 to advertise their product? Do you see whats wrong there, you degenerate dip-shits? In case you don't.... THEY SHOULD BE PAYING YOU! Upon being insulted for wearing such lame clothing, an abercrombie wearer's only defense is "You can't afford it" Can't afford it? No... Anyone can go out and buy at least one $50 shirt. We're just not retarded enough to buy it. Our self-esteem hasn't reached the point where we feel we must buy our way into society. Abercrombie wearer's have brought the modern meaning to the term "douche-bag". Some asshole with gelled hair, a popped collar, pre-ripped faded acid wash jeans, and rainbows. But rainbows are a whole other story.
Abercrombie Douche #1- "Bro, I was talking to this fine-ass bitch the other night, and I swear, I almost fucked her..."

Abercrombie Douche #2- "TIGHT, BRAH! Wait a second, you are wearing two collared shirts and you are only popping one collar... What the hell is the matter with you? I thought you were cool. Don't talk to me until you pop that other collar and buy a pair of jeans with more holes in them. I'm too cool to be seen talking to someone like you."
by track001 February 09, 2007
A stupid-ass prep store that sells over priced clothing so that white guys can convience stupid girls (and or guys) that their gentalia is larger then it really is. Its dumb and stupid to shop there, there are so many better stores. Go get your awesome white boy prep clothes at abercrombie! Oh and while your there, dont forget to hit on dumb girls with stupid parents.
Bob was wearing his new abercrombie shirt on the way home and was beaten up by intelligent people.
by loveshams June 17, 2005
The kids store of Abercrombie and Fitch. It has the same relation to A&F as Gap Kids has to Gap.
I don't really think an example is needed.
by Matt April 17, 2005
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