a clothing store than helps label people. those found working or shopping there are basically proving to anyone who goes inside that they wont talk to you unless your shirt matches your skirt, flip flops, eyes, eyeshadow, lip gloss, pocketbook, cell phone charm, and hair thing (yes, same thing goes for guys). people who shop at abercrombie are trying for this whole new imbreeding thing - theyre allergic to anything that doesnt smell like the perfume thats practically woven into the fabric of the clothes there.

its a store that promotes being a hoochie or slut by having pre-ripped jeans(so you dont actually have to get dirty yourself, oh hell no), super tight shirts, and overly lacy camis with straps so thin that you will definitely see the bra of the person wearing them.
looking at someone in full abercrombie apparel is basically like getting it on.

the object of the store is reverse psychology. you think you're not dressing like a slut because everyone else is wearing it. you buy it even though it costs so much you probably couldnt even count that high (but daddy hires people to do that for you, doesnt he?). you think it's safe because theres a pre-made clique of people just like you waiting because they wont talk to anyone who doesnt look like them.

perfect zombies. ew.

abercrombie: dont do it.
"omg, what a slut, she goes to abercrombie."

"this guy totally tried to talk to me, but he want wearing abercrombie. i didnt understand a word he said!"

skirt = $40.00
shirt = $80.00
leggings to go under skirt = $30.00
shoes to go with leggings = $70.00
having a pedophile reeking of smirnoff try and pick you up at a bar the day after you buy your new clothes?
p r i c e l e s s
by chaosxcalamity November 04, 2006
a store most suburban bred girls go to buy their wardrobe. specializes in wayyy overpriced, tiny, tightfitting clothes that sport sexual sayings. They sell a lot of ripped jeans and vintage worn out tees that cost about $30. If u really want a truly vinatge tee or old jeans go to some thrift sore where you can get some for about $5-$10. Most people who wear abercrombie try to be cool, but in reality those people are insecure bitches that think they are really hot.
Bitch: hey like lets stop in abercrombie where I can get an ultra-coolio vintage tee on sale for $30!!!

Regular person: no thanks- you can go but I'm gonna stop at haagen-daas.
by huggaboo May 26, 2005
a store with over priced clothes that all look the same and look as if they were already worn by a person who despised their jeans. the clothing items are covered in moose shit and the store reeks of the nasty abercrombie perfume. the workers tend to be stuck up and racist.
while walking in the mall...

person#1: "i hear music....its kinda 'boom boom boom'...ew! whats that smell?"

person#2 "we just walked by abercrombie "
by iam a man April 23, 2009
Chain of stores all over that practically everybody who's ever been outside knowns about. Pretty much advertise their clothes. Screaming "Abercrombie" on every shirt, jacket, pants, shorts and bag they've ever sold. And if it doesn't say Abercrombie, then it always prints the deer logo on the outfit. Always overpriced for nothing. If you're ever feeling slutty, just come on over to Abercrombie. They have shorts so short, makes you feel like you're just wearing lingerie. And somehow, they manage to fool all the thirteen year old girls who by their clothes from the store that probably sells 50 of the same shirt in one single store.
Brittany: OMG hi Haley! Lets go to the mall..DADDY! DRIVE US TO THE MALL AND BUY ME SOMETHING..
At the mall..
Brittany: Ok. Lets go to Abercrombie..
Haley: Totally
Brittany: Wow...love what they did to the place! I'm gonna buy this whole rack..
Clerk dude: Miss that will be 589 dollars. Thank you.
Brittany: Put it on my daddy...
Britanny's dad: You sure you want to get these? It's only three pairs of jeans, two jackets, and four shirts..pretty expensive huh?
Brittany: Oh no daddy..its top quality handmade clothes made into perfection. It is flawless and a dream come true.

Brittany is quite deluded.
by inSANE sh[a]w[n] April 26, 2008
A mall-based boutique which caters to young adults and teenagers. Abercrombie is often debated by both teenagers and the gay population as being "cool". Having one of the highest profit margins in the industry, Abercrombie makes it's money by using sweatshops in Saipan, Vietnam and other less wealthy countries producing vintage-esque clothing. Aberombie competes with other stores such as Ralph-Lauren, American Eagle, and Aeropostale.
1. I buy most of my clothing at abercrombie because it's considered cool.

2. I do not buy my clothes at abercrombie because I do not find it worth it's rather high asking price and/or I do not like it's quality.
by Smartish Guy October 27, 2005
n. 1. A clothing store. 2. A term for a person who wears items from Abercrombie and Fitch, usually derogatory; can be used as a proper noun.

adj. A description of something popular, usually clothing wise.
n. 1.) Your boyfriend would look so hot in Abercrombie.
n. 2.) Hey, Abercrombie, come here!
adj.) That piece is so like totally Abercrombie! Where did you get it?
by WhyAngelsFall January 08, 2004
1. Short for abercrombie and fitch.

2. The epidimy of unfashionable kids and teens and even some adults (oh god).

People who wear this brand claim they like the clothing but they will wear a t shirt with the logo slapped across then claim its of high quality. Its very popular for some reason yet people still think the brand sheds even a ray of exclusitivity (whatever that means). Im not really sure what the appeal is. The brand has no designer the stores are smelly, blast lame music, and is an eyesore with all the homoerotic posters that are in the mens section.(not that there anything wrong with being gay but the models should actually be modelling the clothing). I actually don't have a problem with the clothing itslef, sure it may ugly, wildy unfashionable and just plain not worth the money but the people who wear the clothes and the vibe is just annoying. People who's wardrobe is almost all abercrombie are usually idiots who think they're being fashion forward or somethin because they're wearing it. Usually they will claim to like gucci, louis vuitton prada and especially d&g (not dolce and gabbana, d&g.) or whatever and think that abercrombie is as high end as those brands when they havnt even heard of other brands not quoted on laguna beach (?) even the easy ones ie. Ysl, lanvin, tom ford etc. Girls will usually base these claims on a single handbag or pair of sunglasses they own (usually outlet coach) boys usually a wallet, belt or sunglasses. (See teeny bopper). Basically its what can I afford to copy? Typically they want to follow the celebrities with high end designers but they can't so they result in what ended up being abercrombie fitch.

1. HaY ! Latz go 2 the ma11 nd sh0p TylL WeE Dr0p at tha AbECRomBiE and FiTcH. Luk At Mi CoACh PuRSE 1 Am s0 RiCh 3v3n Th0 mI OtHEr CloEs R All ShYt u Kno ? LyK AbeRCroMbiE. 1M $0 FasHi0Nable!! Lul!!

2. Yah! Luk At Mi nU D&g bag Im s0 rich, hey LeTz g0 2 tha M4ll W1Th BarNeyS B4gS Nd PuT 0ur 4Ctuall PuRchaSes 4rM A+F in It.

3.latZ G0 2 R0dEo Dr1V3, Sh0W 0fF 0Ur A+F and NoT buY AnyThinG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer - bitch get tha fuck off the planet.

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