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Nesting is a ritual performed by pregnant women in ridding the house, the "nest", from anything potentially harmful to the soon to be born child.
This can also be seen as a phase before menstruation where the woman enjoys cuddling and snuggling more than usual.
Barbera: I think Darcy is pregnant.
Heather: Why do you think that?
Barbera: Because shes nesting.
by Vela October 14, 2004
In the culture and lifestyle of apartment life, nesting is the act of settling yourself into a cozy convenient corner of your bedroom and surrounding yourself with all the comforts of your many vices.
i.e. a bed pushed against a wall with a window for smoking, internet access, porn, toilet paper, beer fridge, TV/DVD, game console, beer fridge, hash pipe, etc.
"nice weekend...good weekend...just spent the time nesting in my room. I had to peel myself from the sheets Monday morning"
by Jarvis Mayes December 14, 2009
The act of covering a toilet seat in toilet paper to avoid contamination from urine and tiny shit particles on the seat.
Yo there were so many skid marks in that toilet I had to nest that shit!
by Dave February 03, 2004
The act of leaving small stashes of your things in various places in an random and unorganized manner.
My boss is constantly nesting all over my office.
by RCastro November 19, 2013
To go to the nest. To retreat to the place hawks live, the nest. To stay with other hawks at the nest;
Are you nesting right now?
by DJ kkkayyy BBB May 15, 2011
Nesting is when a bird is making a nest and the process of laying the eggs and interbate them.
Nesting birds often make their nest together with their choosen partner. It is like both diy and decorating at the same time
by Ally Feathers April 07, 2015
Nesting is a new investment model in finance created by entrepreneurs.

The "Nesting" investment model covers the full life cycle of a business - from prototyping to strategic product development, to market place and to seeing the business to exit.

Often, the Nesting model uses patents or ideas.

Nesting is very different from "incubators" which only provide funding, advisory roles and office space.
He is nesting this new great Software idea (or patent).
That means this person is creating a company, bringing the product to life, to market and to exit.
by nicosdc June 05, 2015
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