Something kids say when they want to sound cool. When they think something is cool or sounds fun to them.
Man your new car looks tight
by acetic August 30, 2003
being thrifty/frugal, not willing to spend or share, the art of being stingy
stupid ameerkins use this word for "cool" or "hip" or "close knit"
its only 50 cents, don't be so tight;
we're on a tight budget at the moment;
he is such a tight ass
by Stan Collyflower August 13, 2003

Commonly used by mentally deficient youths who believe creating their own language makes them superior to other people.
"Das be one of them tight hoes, yo."
by Anonymous July 21, 2003
hella cool
that shirt is hella tight!!
by memo christina April 30, 2003
A couple who got they shit together.
Who are like bestfriends
Damn they to tight to break up
by C babyy December 01, 2013
Someone Who Does Not Engage In Sexual Activity Becuase They Think They Are To Young, or They Are Scared, or Just Generally Don't Want To.
Tim: Hey, Will You Give Me Head?
Sarah: NO WAY! Thats Sick
by Jack Smith3234 March 09, 2008
1. Angry, Mad
2. Wrong
1. Evan: Yo son last night we got caught by the 5-0 bombin
Dylan: Ahhhhhhhhh you tight!

2 Dylan: Son I'm the best trumpet in the band
Ben: Um yea ya tight!
by SpAcEs OnEr December 06, 2007

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