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if im playing basketball and miss a layup
sebastian says:"u tight"
i say:"no im t-i-x-t-e"(a synonym of tight)
he says:"chill son"
i say: "now u t-i-x-t-e"(spelled out)
by mario 18 July 05, 2007
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like some sort of animal god, but not like some filthy furry.
Man, he is tight in bed!
by J-kw4n October 08, 2006
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A chick or younger unsuspecting girl. Tights always seem to be overdressed for their age and wearing lots of makeup.
Check out those tights over there.

Darin brought a couple tights over last night.
by Turkey_Dinner August 28, 2006
2 4
(adj.) 1.Quantity of marijuana received greater than amount paid for. 2. Slang. Personally close; intimate: “me and the D.A., who happen to be very tight with one another”
by the amazing October 09, 2003
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Buzz word of 1997, rarely used in this decade.
Shit dawg! Seein the ball drop on 1/1/97 was fuggin TIGHT!
by Bitchin Kitchen September 03, 2003
4 6
Meaning Nowa days is Realy Angry, Mad, Disgusted.
When your very mad over something like ex. someone smits you or shows u no respect it make you *Tight* because of it. YOU ARE ANGRY.
by Knowledge December 23, 2002
4 6
Really good friends with someone.
Oh, Dan? He and I are *tight*.
by The Grammar Nazi October 22, 2001
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