to add after an adjective
(in french->raide)
-The movie was cool, I debuzz tight!
(in french->
-le film était malade, j'débuzz tight/j'débuzz raide
-j'aime tes souliers, ils sont malades raide
by roi ponpon August 14, 2005
Cool, interesting, nice
Yo dose shoes are tight dawg
by Colin September 06, 2004
The word Tight can be used to mean Unfair.
Guy 1: Sorry I can't come out, I'm grounded.
Guy 2: That is so tight!
by craig May 06, 2004
cool,awesome it means something catches your eye
uh your shirt is tight
by Alexis January 28, 2004
/ cool / awesome / / niggardly / / a close call / / being pinched together /
Just wanted to say that a friend of mine says "T.I.T., tight"

thought it was funny he audibly spells tight that way.
by Ogre December 22, 2003
1) Awsome see shizite
1) Man that is so tight
by Lewis November 19, 2003
cool sweet
That car was tight.
by mac daddy November 10, 2003

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