To be in a bad situation. Usually called out by a random person.
Person A: I have a two midterms is a row!
Person B: That's too bad.
Person Y: TIGHT!!!
by yInIlti April 25, 2011
any negative feeling
ie. jealous, angry, sad, upset, bummed out, etc.
"I'm so tight i failed that test I though I did so well!"

A- "Did you hear that Jeffrey moved to Florida?"
B- "Yes! I'm so tight, I was trying to get with him!"
by blueyeswhitedragon December 20, 2010
what you say when someone is in a bad situation.
Boy: YES! after 100 hours, i'm almost done with this essay. just one last paragraph.
*computer shuts off.*
Girl: You're tight.
by gtpride145 November 06, 2010
Pissed off; in a bad mood, buggin
I was so tight when those kids coped our beer.

My girlfriend makes me mad tight when she doesn't let me play COD
by Sgt.Hugo Stiglitz May 22, 2010
Angry, Frustrated, Pissed off, sometimes embarrassed
Yo Drizzy, is that Wayne with ur girl?

by ssilrocn March 08, 2010
it can mean 2 things:

Tight, as in, really close together

Tight, as in a sarcastic "Nice one", usually said not in favor of the person receiving it. can also be said as "You tight"
Example 1: man, her pussy was mad tight!

Example 2: *somebody dropped their ipod and it broke* "Oh you tight"
by mikethemilker December 22, 2009
verb- to get tight
meaning the person got very mad
usually completely shuts you out and ignores you, depending on the person.
-jerry looked mad yesterday. what happened?

-i dont know, this nigga just got tight over nothing!
by normita July 24, 2008

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