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4 definitions by Kitsune

Of or having only two possibilites. binary
"Why can't anyone just admit the world isn't binaric and there is some evil in good and some good in evil?"
by Kitsune March 17, 2005
A completelt stupid term, used by rappers and white wiggers, that is suppose to mean "Cool" or "Awesome"
Yo yo, thats some tight shit,yo!
by Kitsune August 01, 2003
I'm pretty sure that it means "take a crap", but that's just me.
my boyriend's away message: "time to peel some potatoes, if you know what i mean"
by kitsune March 09, 2005
The stuff used to make henna. You know, right before the mhandi oil comes in? Yeah, well, it's green. and it smells nasty. not like crap nasty but like gasoline (which only seems good at first) nasty, and it makes me SICK to even think of the stuff.
Aww, man, this stupid henna paste on my arm is making it really hard to eat my egg salad.
by kitsune February 17, 2005