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fellas; your friends or people that you like. People you are often with and treat as close people to you.
Hey Jonny, I'd like you to meet some of my fellas.
by acetic November 24, 2003
another name for cheap pizza ie. cardboard pizza. examples like totinos and other $1 pizzas.
I'm going to go throw some cardboard tasting pizza in the oven.
by acetic August 30, 2003
an uncle louie sized loser who has a big ass and a skinny weiner.
god your zuch a uncle looser! just leave!
by acetic August 19, 2003
Something kids say when they want to sound cool. When they think something is cool or sounds fun to them.
Man your new car looks tight
by acetic August 30, 2003
Swinware is a name for a kid who talks like he has a candy stuck in his throat and looks like a squirrel.
Look at that squirrel looking kid named swinware
by acetic June 30, 2004
Dan's weird version of the word "Butt" As in ass, shitter, poopshoot etc.
"Look aT her baunT!"
by acetic January 07, 2004
To Graffiti on something.. To use spraypaint and spray on a building.
Lets go spray the town tonight
by acetic November 06, 2003

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