Meaning Nowa days is Realy Angry, Mad, Disgusted.
When your very mad over something like ex. someone smits you or shows u no respect it make you *Tight* because of it. YOU ARE ANGRY.
by Knowledge December 23, 2002
To be mad and/or exasperated.
"I'm tight. I just got grounded for two months."

"I'm tight. I have to take out the trash."

"I'm tight. Jerry just deleted our project off the computer."
#mad #angry #upset #exasperated #ironic
by Illyria420 March 16, 2009
1) An unfucked pussy
2) Type of clothing worn by a whore to show off her tits
3) Fitting close or too close to the skin
1) Man, the bitch is well tight!
2) Fuck me, how tight is her top
3) Ow, the shoes are too bloody tight
#loose #whore #virgin #shoes #tits #pussy #vagina #cunt
by ricard July 24, 2007
being really uptight over something or someone.
I lost 5o dollars today and was tight all day.
by chk2033 May 08, 2005
(adj.) 1.Quantity of marijuana received greater than amount paid for. 2. Slang. Personally close; intimate: “me and the D.A., who happen to be very tight with one another”
by the amazing October 09, 2003
Describes a object i.e someones ride, new kicks
- Those new jordans are tight yo
- you see that bangin girly wit the tight ass
by Mark Hemming June 06, 2003
the condition my ass is in.
"Whoa, look at the ass on that."
"Dude, that's so tight. She must work out."
by skank ass weasel May 17, 2003
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