Steams - a slang word for cigarettes pl. Used commonly in Ireland.

Steam - singular term for a cigarette
PERSON : Well man, do ya wanna go for a steam?

PERSON 2 : Do you wanna go halfs on a box of steams?
by Kanye<3 December 04, 2009
Verb - meaning to smoke weed or to get completly wasted.
Ronald: Yo Evan, roll up into The Brook so we can steam some dro.

Evan: Ok, but only after I skeet up on yo woman.
by Evan V. February 16, 2005
when water evaporates after reaching over 100 degree's celcius
holy shit, that water just evaporated at 100 degree's! thats some steamy shit
by LaRgO November 14, 2003
Steam was a slang word for beer that was made using non-traditional or improvised brewing methods, see MacGyver, along the western coast of the United States during the 19th century. It has recently begun a climb back into the popular slang of the modern day American lexicon.
19th Century
Robert: I say old chap, I am quite parched and in need of refreshment!

Charles: Off to the bar then so that we might obtain some STEAM and proceed to become piss drunk.

Together: Tally Ho!

Modern Day
Bob: Hey dude, lets go get drunk tonight.

Chuck: Ok, I know a great bar where we can get some STEAM.

Together: Hells Ya!
by Spitfire Red April 29, 2006
1. Gaseous Water

2. An intense situation or action

3. Getting horny
1. Can I have a glass of water?

2. *Talking to friends* OMG I just got steamed by my parents, they threw such a fit when they caught me fucking my pillow.

3. Look at (insert name), he's only stared at her for 10 seconds and he's already steaming up.
by Grape March 02, 2012
To have an erection
Hey, look at the hot babe at the bar! Steam!
by wet_under_the_bush November 22, 2011
When a girl is slobbing your cock at such a rapid pace that her saliva evaporates and produces other words a nut busting blow job.
Dude..Melissa gives the best steam EVER!! I busted a nut and cleared my sinuses at the same time!
by clovergeo July 16, 2011

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