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One incline to steal everything within reach, as if their hands were covered with glue. Used either to describe the culpable thief or the hands themselves.
"Hey sticky fingers, you best keep your hands in your own damn pockets."
"Yo! Back away from my shit with your sticky-ass fingers!"
by "The Man's" foe April 05, 2004
Used to describe the aftermath of fingering a girls pussy.
"Dude, how far did you get with that chick?"

"Lets just say I walked away with sticky fingers."
by Silly Surfer Heather October 02, 2004
When you jerk off and explode on your keyboard resulting in sticky fingers
I was watching a little Lisa Ann action and performed sticky fingers all over the place
by Famig May 16, 2012
Typically one (1) to three (3) fingers inserted into and working, in and out of her sexual joy, whereby trying to bring her to orgasm. Fingers become juiced up causing a froth of stickiness on them. Hence the term Sticky finger.
Danielle let Josh finger fuck her cunt.
Danielle loves to play sticky finger with her boy friends.
by chris50m April 14, 2006
A place to go to relax and eat freshly baked food products. Most of which are more chewy than normal as they have been made by people with sticky fingers. Run by a masterbaker who demands all products are touched with sticky fingers during the baking process.
What a hard week, I need to get down to sticky fingers tomorrow and get my fix. I hope Nik is in, she makes a mean ring doughnut with added Christmas jizz cream
by ChiefPoof May 27, 2016
The result of fingering a girl (or boy) and not washing hands.
hey mate, guess who got some sticky fingers last night
by LACIGOL May 14, 2012
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