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Moderate intoxication through alcohol consumption. Typically characterised by a noticable reduction in common sense and decision making capacity. One step above pissed on the scale of drunkenness and one below battered.
We seem to have a few traffic cones in our living room. I guess we were steaming last night.
by jayseebee July 14, 2004
Extremely drunk, inebriated, intoxicated.
CP came out of Creation steaming last night.
by boon July 26, 2003
wankered, hammered, pissed, drunk,rat-arsed, fucked, nackered, poleaxed.

full of alcohol/under the influence.
"i said let's get pissed but not steaming wankered like jeeves"
by Joshua K November 10, 2003
The act of taking a particularly smelly shit in a warm bathroom
Craig: Damn! What's that smell?
Jon: Someone must be steaming
by jrose99 February 28, 2014
The act of finding a perculiar place to urinate when absolutley drunk off your arse
I was so pissed last night I was steaming in our lasses knicker drawer !!!
by Geordie Nugget June 06, 2013
In Texas Hold-em, the act of playing recklessly after losing a big pot.
Jim was obviously steaming, going all-in with seven duce off suit after losing ten grand on that last hand.
by Mr. Corruption May 26, 2005
when a large group of youths enter a store en masse and engage in shoplifting (British usage)
A bunch o' pikeys was steaming at the shop on the corner.
by Mark A. G. November 29, 2005

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