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adj: really, really awesome.
taylor: so what'd you think of the two ashleys making out last night?
marc: it was fuckin INTENSE!!
by the storm drains June 21, 2009
a. descripttion word of a crazy moment.

b.a situation of intense pressure.

c. A filler word in a break in the conversation.

d. Used in a phrase to be extra cool, funny and to add meaning to the word.
a.Damn. That fight was intense.

b.That test was so intense.

c.Bob: yeah
Sally: uh huh........
Bob: intense.

d.That was intense like the circus.
That was intense like camping.
by C07 June 26, 2005
Used as in the immensely cool or out of this world context; often times used to refer to a close encounter or an extreme experience.
by Kel & Anna April 04, 2003
1 extreme and forceful or very strong (feelings).
2 a very serious or earnest person.
Man that was some intense heat back there.

That was quite the intense young man.
by Alex Pipe June 05, 2004
When something is so epic that it blows your mind.
Al: "Dude, I just watched the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Smokey and the Bandit back to back."

Mike: "Intense."
by Roasted Chicken Recipe December 06, 2009
The state of being under the most extreme conditions
Andrew- "Dude, what was that party like?"
P.A.- "dude, it was intense"
by Urban Dictionary May 30, 2006
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