a computer program that doesn't work
Man, this program is just steam.
by Thomas Cai April 16, 2005
A program or web service that gains a poor reputation for being released in a buggy or incomplete state, and which then gradually improves until becoming a powerful tool/platform but cannot lose the negative stigma.

e.g. Steam, Windows 9x, Warcraft 3 beta, Star Wars: Galaxies
Forget CZ, if we release now we'll get a good STEAMING from out customers.
by Varsity September 07, 2004
The most retarded program on Earth. Made specially for us.
When you want to play CS or HL2, Steam would open up all of a sudden and will start "updating" (as they call it) your games. But don't worry, when you turn it off, it starts updating again until you get mad. Then, your actions are unpredictable. Remember: if you're a dial-up person, don't try Steam on your nerves.
by imnowme December 20, 2005
fucked up laggy assed shite program developed by retards who like spoiling peoples fun
not worth the "steam" of my shit
by UVMe January 16, 2004
The Game client that distributes games such as Half Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2.
Steam is actually a man named Steve who lives far away in the mountains in a little cabin. He controls the steam program but he's fucking retarded thus why steam crashes so damn often. Every now and then , his but buddy, Val( Valve) comes and gives him new programs, but he's so stupid he can't really operate new programs without crashing. So he passes out all the time trying to get these programs to work. Thats why steam is a piece of shit program.
by Paddy O'Mally May 17, 2008
To dome a blunt or any other form of marijuana.
"Pull the truck up front and roll up the next blunt. So we can steam on the way to the telly, go fill my belly, a t-bone steak, cheese, eggs, and Welch's grape." - Notorious
by Son of Jewels February 28, 2009
Water in gas form. Nothing more.
Ow. The steam condensed on my arm causing a large amount of energy to be produced, thus burning me.
by Bob Newhart December 30, 2003

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