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19 definitions by boon

Extremely drunk, inebriated, intoxicated.
CP came out of Creation steaming last night.
by boon July 26, 2003
Someone who drives their car late at night, normally down the high street on a saturday night, admiring the girls in their short skirts
"The night cruiser is out tonight"
by Boon December 30, 2004
A particularly deadly, foul variation of dynamite, where the active ingrediant is the brogan. If laid correctly, the brogan can be ground into browder and assembled into broganite.

This weapon is often used in chemical warefare due its akrid odours and putrid beauqet.
During the recent conflict in Iraq, broganite was the primary chemical weapon harboured by the Mongols.
by Boon March 01, 2004
The meaning of this word has its roots in quantum mechanics. In essence, when a person goes to lay a grogan in the shitter, quantum theory states that there is a finite (although very small) probability that the shitter will actually lay a grogan into the person. This occurence is very rare and it is said the victims of the Nagorg reach a deeply spiritual (and highly painful) state.

The word Nagorg applies to a grogaN in reserve, hence its name.
After receiving his third nagorg in as many weeks from the local dunny at the pub, Unwin promptly left town.
by Boon February 24, 2004
This word generally applies to a grogan laid in snow or icy weater, upon where it freezes, resulting in the aptly named "frogan".
My grogan became a frogan before it hit the bowl as someone left the igloo door open.
by Boon January 06, 2004
Applies when a person sits the opposite way on the shitter during the act of laying a grogan. ie Facing the wall.

This term can also apply to laying of a brogan and aargan, but not usually a frogan.
Bill particularly enjoyed laying reverse grogans due to the fascinating mural of Bertha's aggots on the wall.
by Boon March 09, 2004
The brocket comes from a marriage of the words broganite and rocket. Essentially the brocket is a rocket fueled by broganite used in modern warfare. Due to the immense power of the active ingredient browder (derived from black grogan brogan powder), the brocket has been known to be fired over 1000's of miles. It is a form of non-conventional warfare due to its akrid stench upon detonation, and ability to shower all in a 40mile radius with grogan remnants.
After the Palestinian Qassam rockets were successfully taken out of operation by the Israeli counter-terrorist forces, they began to use Brockets with devastating results for all caught in its path.
by Boon October 14, 2004