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Shorthand typing.

Usually used in online games and instant messengers like AIM.

The person that is 'shorthanding' usually types messages with many fragments and errors, and no punctuation either.
Idiot: hey guyz wat up
Smart Person: Nothing much, you?
Idiot: lolZ, i wsa jus t @ my cuzzins house
Smart Person: Cool, what did you do there?
Idiot: we playd some halo, den we went outsid 2 plya sum basket ball
Idiot: we had a lto of fnu
Smart Person: I have no idea what you just said, please stop shorthanding.
Idiot: lolZ @ dat!
Idiot: no wya!!
-Note: This took me around 10 minutes to write.-
by krazykushluk August 17, 2006
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stating lack of possibility, limited chances, sth beyond someone's power, sb. is unable to do something
From a movie dialogue list:
MAN: How about posting a guard outside of her house?
POLICEMAN: We're shorthanded.
by Kristoff11 November 02, 2007
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Two definitions.

1. Used by literate writers in the real world for note taking, mostly at school or college. Usually just abbreviated forms of words, they also can use symbols or different pieces of text that symbolize longer parts of text. Usually shorthand is easier to be read by the writer, for all shorthand is unique to its user. Some abbreviate different things.

2. Used by illiterate noobs online. they speak with no grammar, and make no sense. They cannot seem to spell, and seem to randomly press keys.
1. Need to go to the stor to by food. An i need sum fud.

2. "LoLz, TAht Iz ZO Fuunneh! I LUvz ity@! LA0ol!"
"Wtf? What are you saying?"
"LoLZ N0)B! You GheySX!1 Im Spekkin ShrtHAd!"
"That isnt shorthand nubtard. This is."
"NOeZ! Tis ISs ShrtNd!"
" Shut up."
by Inanimate May 30, 2007
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The form of typing in which illiterates type.

Examples of "shorthand" include: u, ur, r, y, wat, dat, skool...

Illiterates type this way & claim it is "shorthand," because they believe it's easier & takes less time to type out than full, proper sentences.
Illiterate: "ya dis is shorthand u lozer ts easier 2 type lyk dis n dont take as long"
by Morava March 07, 2007
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A style of typing that noobs need to stop doing because it's driving people mad with their insensitivity of using poor spelling. It's useful in school and college to get notes down faster, but a major cause for murder when used to talk to people on the internet. The people that usually use shorthand on the internet like AIM, MSN or whatever are usually people that don't know how to fucking spell or write clear sentences. It's rare if these people DO know how to spell. Also, it's fucking annoying having to squint at the computer screen trying to make sense of something that looks scrunched together or looks like it came from another planet. The English language is the 2nd most used language in the word. Please, noobs, try not to fuck it up with your annoying use of shorthand. It's driving the world insane.
Noob: yo, waddap dawg. hw u do n?
Human: I'm doing fine.
Noob: wna hnq out sumtym? lyk @ da moves?
Human: Ugh, I'm sorry can you please type regular? I can't understand.
Noob: i em typin rglar. izz sumtn rong?
Human: Oh, my fucking God... Your shorthand is killing my eyesight.
Noob: nah, chll homee. i got disz undah cntrl.
Human: What the fuck are you saying like seriously? You are giving me a fucking headache. I think I'm going to have a brain hemorrhage because of you.
Noob: wuts dat? bryn hamrge?
Human: Oh, my God.. That's it I'm out.

Human has left the conversation.

Noob: yo dawg? u der?
Your message could not be sent to all recipients.
by allergictobullshit May 02, 2010
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this isn't a short hand surprise
by dbo35 January 17, 2009
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Noun: A term used for "The Lazy Bastard" writing style which originated in America.
"u r gr8!"
"PLEASE stop the terrible shorthand, because you don't say, 'Grrr with a number eight' when in a real conversation do you? That is, if you are ever OFF the Internet?!"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
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