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a kind of love that thats annoying as hell and makes you want to pull your hair out. It keeps you up and night, and it makes you think about the world entirely differently. Its a passion that is unlike any other. It overides everything in your life.
What do i want to do with my life?

I want to be writing.
by kennaloye July 10, 2008
The most underrated form of art in this modern age.
Guy: Wanna read my Writing project, aka, story?

Other Guy: No, I'd rather look at this picture/cartoon/comic.
by K_Hart March 17, 2009
your mind spewing all over paper; sometimes it'll be pretty and other times downright hideous. It's endlessly satisfying and perilously aggravating. It is leaving a piece of yourself on a scrap of paper, on a stack of it, in the memory of a computer and in the minds of a few or millions of others. It is something that will capture you and niggle in the back of your head for ages. It is brilliant.
she struggled and she rejoiced over what she was writing.
by punifa November 11, 2009
The act of putting ideas, thoughts, etc into a work of literature. Can be done anywhere; like on paper, online, and for the rebels: on other people's property.
Natalie was writing a poem for her crush.
Jenna was writing ideas for her newest book.
Sabrina was writing the next chapter of her story online.
by IKillButter January 22, 2012
n. The section of cigarette closest to the filter; the very last part of a cigarette you can smoke.

Refers to the name of the cigarette brand usually being 'written' on this section.

Often the person who has actually smoked most the cigarette won't bother smoking all the way down to 'writings' and so the term is almost only used by someone else who is without cigarettes and is trying to scrounge some free smoke.
Hey, dude, can I get writings?
by dickywilly May 25, 2011
A punishment assigned to students.
Teacher talking... *Class doesn't listen*
Teacher: Since you won't listen I want some sort of writing assignment turned in by the end of the week.
by Pickled Eggs October 22, 2009
The act of writing Graffitti
"we went out writing last night"
by WsA_Mike November 26, 2007
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