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A phrase coined in the forums where someone posted a video of a break dancer doing push-ups without the use of his legs. The thread took immediate popularity and everyone began replying to the thread with the phrase "wow strong arms" for several pages. Now, the phrase is used to describe anything from body parts, objects, subjects, and thoughts. Now a popular phrase used all over the forum.
WSA stands for wow strong arms.

Hey do I need a nose job?
- Wow strong nose

Would you hit it?
- Wow strong ugliness

Hey guys should I shave my balls?
- Wow strong thread
by fan July 10, 2006
Wow Stong Arms, a phrase that became popular in a thread from the bodybuilding forums.
OMG Look at Ruhl, WSA!!!!!!

Person 1: here is a pic of my 12 inch biceps, wat do u think? do i need to bulk or shuld i cut?

Person 2: WOW Strong Armz!!!!!!!!!!!

by TrancePhreak September 19, 2005
the act of describing something in a positive manner.
hey guys. checkout
-wow strong standing up for race and nation. wsa.
by Skinhead88 November 04, 2006
Abbreviation of Wow Strong Arms. Originates from the Misc. section of a well known bodybuilding forum. Original thread and video can be found on
How much can you curl?

100lbs DBs for reps!

Wow strong arms.

Note: WSA is generally the written form. Wow strong arms is the spoken form.
by Brian Peppers July 17, 2006

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